from a dialogue journal.

by taylordoe


My first week of school sucked. The first day I got kicked out of the autotorium for mis behaving. I didnt like my classes or any of my teachers. Tuesday was the same. So was Wednesday. But then came Thursday. That’s when I got transferd to your class Ms. Doe. That was of your class was when I was in here it was sooooo boring and you were really mean. Then came Friday and that was the best day of my first week of school. I was motivated the whole day kept on learning and paying attention. I had fun. Then when I came to your class it went like a flash I was having fun with the story and I was learning and working. 



That makes me so happy to hear that you enjoyed my class! I think you are a great leader in our class and I hope you continue to be a positive role model for your classmates. What do you feel excited to learn about this year? And how about weekend? What do you like to do with your free time? What are your friends like?

Ms. Doe



I will be the best rollmodel I can be. And I feel excited to learn about news articles and wrighting paragraphs. I go to the pall or the park on the weekends. On my free time I like to work out and watch TV and eat. My friends are gangish people but are fun and cool. How are your friends like and what do you like to do on weekends? Also, I like fighting when trouble comes by and problems. I like working out im going to to keep on working out and eating healthy so I don’t die fast.


I’m moving and it sucks cause i liked that house alot. But im moving in front of my old house. I wonder if the house were going to live in is guna be like the old one. I hope were we move in is a good storage for my butterfly knife and for my guns. Also I hope theres peace and quiet there. I hope later I get an xbox 360 so I can play video games so I don’t die of bordness. Well I hope this house is great safe and secure.


A few challenges I have faced were school today. One was in gym class. I was to tired to dress out also I didnt want to play football again, it is so boring. Then at my house we put bombs to kill bugs because when we moved in there were allot of cockraoches and spiders. Another challenge is life, lifes hard im always getting sick and tired. always bored. My main challenge is money. Im tryen to get a job but I cant. its hard making money. But I have a few ways to make money.


I see the world in many ways. one way is bad. Its bad because of all the war and terrorists and immigration. The world isnt how it used to be right before 9/11.


Yesterday I was so tired and hungry. Yesterday I came home  from school I went to the kitchen see what was good and there was nothing I was so hungry. But before all of that our teacher made a new policy and it was horrible but I dont care about that, thats a stuped idea but owell. I kind of have a feeling that I ticked her off bout I know I didnt it was some one else that caused her to do this. I think on my report card I will get a good grade because I have tryed my very best, and I’m going to keep trying hard to get the best grade I can.


Im getting so tired and frustrated at school I just cant work. Teachers are being mean, I didnt do anything nobody did anything to piss them off. Classwork is getting to hard. Teachers and principals say things like 6 out of 10 students will not to go 9th grade. I know for a fact that im not going to 9th grade. Also I know I wont be going to high school or college. I am ready to drop out of school and see what I get into. 


This is from the dialogue journal of one of my 8th grade boys, M. I know why I am here now.