by taylordoe

One of my friends that I teach with was out for the day recently. His students asked who their sub would be. “Can we have Ms. Doe?” they asked.

“Why?” he responded.

“Because she’s pretty.”

On this same day, one of my students asked me why I dressed so weird. “I’m honestly not sure what you mean by weird,” I replied. “Well you never wear khakis like the other teachers. And you wear a lot of scarves. Plus it’s like, one day you wear your glasses and the next day you don’t. I think it’s weird.”

And this, my friends, is the difference between his 6th graders and my 8th graders.

Worthwhile update coming soon, but now I must get into bed and prepare to wake up to snow tomorrow.

Oh, and for those who read my post pertaining to one of my student’s dialogue journals, I have great news. My dropout risk? Got one of the only Advanced scores in writing on his District Assessment in all of my classes. Seeing his smile when he saw his score is by far the best moment of my teaching experience so far. 🙂