super bowl

by taylordoe

I talk about sports a lot in class. Mostly because I genuinely am interested, but in part because it has really helped me develop relationships with my kids — especially the boys. My boys are always shocked when I say I watched Sunday football games or when I know that the Nuggets won their game last night.


I was a big supporter of Tebow this season as I’ve posted about before, but my heart belongs to Boston sports teams. I talked a lot of trash leading up to the Super Bowl about New England. I mean a LOT. It got to the point where kids I don’t even teach would come up to me in the halls and want to talk about football and I, always willing to assert myself as a New England fan, was happy to oblige.

Well, the Patriots lost the Super Bowl last night.

My first thought was about going to school today. What would my boys say? Maybe they wouldn’t bring it up. Perhaps if they did, it would only be a few and they would quickly move on. Maybe some would even feel sorry for me that my team had lost.

I was dead wrong.

From the moment students poured into the halls at 8:05 this morning, it was a non-stop assault on the Patriots. Everywhere I turned, there was a student ready to chip away at my already fragile state. My 7th grade class, which is 13 boys and no girls, spent two hours and fifteen minutes laying into me. Every time I thought they were done, someone else would chime in with an insult. Even the boys who don’t like football had something to say.

I thought I was through the worst, but then my 8th grade class came in. One of my students is a particularly brazen who is always willing to make his opinions know to the class. In fact, I have written about him in previous posts. I should have known that he would be the biggest challenge to my sanity today, but even still I was unprepared for his onslaught of attacks.

The first thing he said to me when he came in was, “Miss, the second the patriots lost I got on facebook and made my status about how much I couldn’t wait to come to school today and rag on you.” He also went on to tell me about how when the Pats were called for a safety, he closed his eyes and pictured me crying in front of my television.

I told my class they had 1 minute left to finish their work, to which he responded, “Yeah, so did Tom Brady.”


Today was a tough day.

I really wish the Patriots had won the Super Bowl.