by taylordoe

My good friend Alex posted this on his Facebook yesterday after being asked to reach out to Duke seniors by TFA and recruit them for the final application deadline. It struck a chord with me, as I feel pretty similarly about my experience with TFA.

TFA at Duke wants me to post a bunch of stuff on my Facebook about its final deadline. Listen, senior Duke kids. TFA is a total luck-of-the-draw deal. You are going to love it, or you are going to hate it. Also, you can hate TFA and love your school job at the same time. 

Here’s the number one (and, in my opinion, only) reason to apply: you actually want to teach children. Deadline’s soon. You’re a grown-up; look it up if you’re interested.

Well said, Alex.

(If you’re interested, Alex has pretty awesome blog that you can find here.)