by taylordoe

Things that I loved today on Tuesday, February 14:

Wearing my new red TOMS to school

The awesome package my mom sent me for Valentines Day (she’ll always be my favorite valentine, bar none)

Having dinner with some really great friends and not a single girl complaining about being single on Valentines Day

My 7th grade boys giving me lots of candy

A new Tyler Hilton song iTunes

Kate and Courtney for thinking to include their single friend

The Ari for brining me chocolate covered strawberries during her plan period (I have no idea how I wound up with such a thoughtful friend)

Katie saying at dinner, “I love talking about what’s happening the next few weeks. Want me to tell you? Okay.”

Having almost all my plans done for the rest of the week

No snow today!

“It’s Valentines Day in KINDERGARTEN.”

“Miss, Mr. Kwan is really dressed up and told me he’s going to propose. I think it’s to Ms. Hazeltine.”

Waking up in beautiful Colorado this morning

Being only three more teaching days from a long weekend

Being lucky enough to have incredible family, friends and students that all made today a lovely Tuesday

And perhaps best of all…

“Miss, have you ever wanted someone to be your valentine that didn’t want to be?”

“Yeah, of course.”

“I bet if boys your age knew what a great teacher you are then they’d be your valentine.”

… how could I not love that?