by taylordoe

Clip from John Mayer’s new song “Shadow Days”

It is so rare to hear something new from an artist you truly love. Think about it. You only get to hear your favorite songs for the first time once. Fans wait years for new albums from their favorite artists and hearing that new album for the very first time is one of the most truly satisfying experiences I think a music fan can have.

I have been listening to John Mayer for ten years (holy shit, has it been that long?) and have found his music to define a lot of experiences in my life. I swore him off for a while when he got caught up in celebrity and sleeping with pop stars, but I always knew he’d find his way back to the musician he needs to be.

One listen of “Your Body is a Wonderland” and he’s easy to write off as just another singer/songwriter type with cliche lyrics and piss poor talent, but if that’s how see you his music than I venture to guess that you’ve never given him a fair shot. His records are full with lyrics that tell the story of incredible, honest, raw experiences that create the soul of his music. I value a true storyteller in a songwriter, someone who can capture my emotions better than I ever could myself. John Mayer has always been that to me.

Not sold? Let’s talk. I’ve made many a Mayer fan and would be happy to do so again.

Well it sucks to be honest,

And it hurts to be real,

But it’s nice to make some love that I can finally feel